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Backseat Bangers Review by Quality Reality Paysites
Price: $29.95/month (recurring), $69.95/90 days (non-recurring)
Backseat Bangers Updates: Once a month
Network Updates: Daily
Review Updated On: March 29, 2009 by Locke

Content Quality: 13/15
Content Quantity: 15/15
Gimmick: 8/10
Updates: 7/10
Surfability: 9/10

Value: 9/10
Members Area Ads: 4/5
Exclusivity: 4/5
Bonus Content: 5/5
Overall Impression: 12/15

Score: 86, SILVER

Backseat Bangers Quick Facts
- Good quality videos
- Bonus access to the rest of the Pink Visual Pass network

- Older videos are not downloadable
- Updates only come once a month

Members Area Content as of March 29, 2009:
Backseat Bangers Episodes: 240 episodes
Other Content: Access to the other 34 sites in the Pink Visual Pass network, various video feeds and pic galleries in a wide variety of niches

Backseat Bangers Review

Backseat Bangers chronicles the adventures of three dudes, a van, and a video camera as they cruise the streets of California looking for real amateur babes that they can persuade to get naked and fuck for cash in the backseat of their ride. A good portion of each episode here (roughly 10 minutes or so) is devoted to the guys driving around, finding a chick, and then convincing her to take a ride, first in the van and then on a the van. The Backseat Banger dudes find girls all over: one girl's searching for her lost pet around the neighborhood, another one just got fired from her job at a local theme park and is walking home, and yet another is doing some last minute grocery shopping before heading out for the evening. The list goes on and on. Sometimes they're relatively straight-up about things and offer the girls money to be "interviewed" and then more money to fuck, other times they use some kind of ruse like "we're shooting for a new reality TV show" or "we're producing the Australian version of The Bachelor" to get the chick to hop in. Either way, once in the backseat next to the lucky stunt cock, the babe du jour is just a little bit of small talk away from getting nekkid and stuffing a dick in her mouth for some knob slobbin' action. Then, it's time for a thorough fucking in multiple positions and a blast of cum to the face to wrap up the scene.

Navigation here is no problem at all. The archive is quite large with 240 episodes at present, but it looks like they're only updating once a month currently. You'll find all of the Backseat Bangers episodes laid out over a series of pages, each with a pic of the chick involved in the scene. Clicking the pic will then take you to that scene's main page and links to view the photo and video content. Videos here come in quite a few options which vary a bit depending on the age of the scene. The earlier stuff features clips in both WMV and Quicktime format and three quality choices based on your connection speed: 56K, DSL, and Broadband. The WMV clips offer you the choice of a 640 x 480 or a 320 x 240 version as well. They split the older scenes up into multiple clips for easier consumption but don't offer a full-length version. The main problem with the older videos is that they're not downloadable. They stream in your browser window and they have things set up so really all you can do with each clip is blow it up to full-screen. More recent scenes switch things from WMV and MOV format to WMV and Flash. They also now offer a full-length version (in addition to the mutliple smaller clips) for those who want to view/download the entire scene all in one shot. Best of all, the scenes are now downloadable! I'm psyched to see this as the stream-only vids have always been my biggest complaint about the Pink Viusal Pass sites I've reviewed. Lastly, the more recent scenes also offer up two additional quality options: T1 and HD. The high-end videos look good; the site goes back to 2002 so you can expect some variance in quality with the newer updates of course looking better than the older scenes. The newer HD vids sre real standouts here...they come in at 1068 x 600 and look fantastic even at full-screen. Nice looking stuff! As far as photo content, the pics here look to be a mix of good quality 600 x 800 pics (newer scenes) and vidcaps (older episodes).

A big plus here is the bonus access you receive to the other 34 Pink Visual Pass members areas. These are basically setup the same way as Backseat Bangers and offer similar quality content in a variety of different themes. The network also links to a selection of video feeds and pic galleries for you to check out. There's a lot of great reality-style content to be had both at Backseat Bangers and the rest of the network and the new downloadable and higher quality vids as well as a new lower $29.95/month membership definitely make me a happy camper.

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