Bikini Hookups

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Bikini Hookups
Price: $29.95/month, $69.95/90 days (recurring)
Bikini Hookups Updates: Twice a week
Reviewed On: July 13, 2006 by Locke

Content Quality: 13/15
Content Quantity: 12/15
Gimmick: 7/10
Updates: 9/10
Surfability: 8/10

Value: 7/10
Members Area Ads: 4/5
Exclusivity: 5/5
Bonus Content: 5/5
Overall Impression: 12/15

Score: 82, SILVER

Bikini Hookups Quick Facts
- Original episodes have a fun gimmick
- Frequent updates
- Lots of bonus access

- Some of the newer episodes don't fit the gimmick at all

Members Area Content as of July 13, 2006:
Bikini Hookups Episodes: 74 episodes
Other Content: Bonus access to 9 other members areas including Lesbo 101, Bruno B, Hardcore Training, Slutty Mama, Jerk Him Off, Our Fuck Friends, Bang Dolls, Kinky Lesbo, and Licka Licka, access to 100+ video feed sites, 20+ live chat sites, 7 e-zines, 18 interactive feed sites.

Bikini Hookups Review

Today's site is Bikini Hookups, where average Joes on vacation get hooked up with hot bikini babes on the beach. The majority of the scenes go down as follows: a little bespectacled balding dude hits the beach with the lucky guy the site plans to hook up with a bikini babe that day. Supposedly, the prospective stud emailed the site asking to be in one of the episodes and whaddya know, he lucked out and here he is ready for action. Anyhow, with camera guy in tow, the duo cruises the beach and adjoining boardwalk looking for bikini hotties to score with. After a bit of a search, they run across a likely target and strike up a conversation with her. They always have a story figured out beforehand (oftentimes, the dude poses as a music producer looking for talent or models for album covers, in another scene the guy says he's a swimsuit designer looking for models, in another he runs a high priced escort agency looking for potential employees, and in still another the guy owns a chain of pizza parlors and he wants a billboard get the idea).

Anyway, regardless of the hook, it doesn't take long for the guys to convince the babe to come back to their "studio" to take some promo pics. This typically involves the girl posing in a number of bikinis and maybe some lingerie. Since there's no changing area, the chick ends up conveniently stripping in front of the guys in between each outfit (and they give her the appropriate amount of "oohs" and "ahhs" regarding her body each time). Somehow, this naturally leads to hardcore action, typically starting with the amateur stud licking the girl's pussy. From there, she sucks his dick and there's usually some 69 action as well. Then it's time for some pussy fucking in a variety of positions before the dude shoots a big load all over the girl's face or tits. That's it for the *majority* of the scenes, however, one odd thing here is that they seem to no longer be adding scenes that conform to their bikini-girl gimmick. Instead, they're adding plain old run-of-the-mill porn scenes with no storyline whatsoever. These feature everything from girl-girl and threesomes to less hardcore stuff like spanking and shaving shoots. No bikini babes or reality-style pickups to be found though. To me, a reality site without it's gimmick is pretty much dead in the water, so let's hope the Bikini Hookups guys take to the beach again sometime soon.

Logging into the Bikini Hookups main page, you'll find it chocked full of links to everything from recent, past, and future updates to ads, bonus content, and live chat sites. A menu across the top of the page also divides the content up into sections if you prefer to surf things that way. The "Movies" link in the menu is the place to go for the 74 Bikini Hookups episodes. The other choices connect you with the site's bonus content, which I'll discuss in a moment. Each episode here contains both photo and video. They typically break the full video down into 3 smaller clips so you can jump to whatever section of the episode interests you the most (it'd be cool to have a full-length option added here as well, for those who want it). The first vid usually involves the "pickup" where the dudes find and coerce the chick, the second clip gets the babe naked back at the guys' studio and into some sucking and fucking, and part three wraps things up with more fucking and a facial cumshot. The clips are all in WMV format and they look very nice. Everything weighs in at 360 x 240 at 700K. They're not DVD quality or anything, but you can bump them up to full-screen and enjoy them for sure.

For photo content, the vast majority of the episodes here at Bikini Hookups contain galleries of high quality pics that weigh in at right around 600 x 800. There are a ton of them per set too: typically over 300. In the most recent episodes, these have gone away (apparently they're vacationing wherever the original bikini theme of the site now resides) and been replaced by galleries of pretty mediocre quality 640 x 480 vidcaps from the accompanying videos. Luckily, as it stands now, nearly all of the photos are still high quality, so that's cool.

Once you're done checking out the Bikini Hookups episodes, there's a nice amount of bonus content to take a look at as well. Most notably, your membership here gives you access to 9 other members areas including Bruno B, Hardcore Training, Lesbo 101, Slutty Mama, Jerk Him Off, Our Fuck Friends, Bang Dolls, Kinky Lesbo, and Licka Licka. Look for reviews of many of these at QRP. In addition to these sites, there are 100+ video feed sites in a wide variety of genres such as ebony, fetish, reality, anal, big boobs, threesomes, orgies, latina, and girl-girl. Lastly, there are around 20 or so live chat sites, 7 e-zines, and 18 interactive feed sites.

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