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CFNM Plus Review by Quality Reality Paysites
Price: $29.95/month (recurring)
CFNM Plus Updates: Weekly
Reviewed On: August 15, 2009 by Locke

Content Quality: 12/15
Content Quantity: 11/15
Gimmick: 9/10
Updates: 8/10
Surfability: 9/10

Value: 8/10
Members Area Ads: 3/5
Exclusivity: 5/5
Bonus Content: 2/5
Overall Impression: 11/15

Score: 78, BRONZE

CFNM Plus Quick Facts
- Decent-sized archive of reality-style CFNM episodes
- Good quality pics and vids

- Videos use DRM
- No bonus access

Members Area Content as of August 15, 2009:
CFNM Plus Episodes: 45 episodes
Other Content: Bonus videos from various other sites

CFNM Plus Review

CFNM Plus is a reality site specializing in the "Clothed Female Nude Male" niche that's been gaining popularity in the porn world lately. It seems like most of the big reality networks have come out with a CFNM site recently so this is definitely a fetish a lot of people seem to be into. The focus of these sort of scenes is, of course, on the guy being totaly naked while the women remain totally (or at least partially) clothed. There's also usually a ceratin amount of female domination going on as well...guys are teased with just handjobs, talked down to, or otherwise humiliated. CFNM Plus seems to feature more of the humiliation aspect than some of the other CFNM sites I've reviewed for QRP.

They do a good job of setting up a unique reality storyline at the beginning of each scene. In one, a guy arrested for soliciting prostitutes get dominated by the female prison guard. In another, a hot female doctor treats a young guy who's having unprotected sex...when she tries to warn him about the dangers, he mouths off and she decides to teach him a lesson. In another, a boss who's sexually harrassing his hot secretaries gets shown who really *is* boss when the babes attack and molest him. In a similar scene, a hairdresser who's been touching customers inappropriately gets undressed and dominated by his female boss and a few female customers. And so on and so forth. Overall, they do a good job of varying the scenario with each episode.

As I said, most of the scenes here really focus on female domination. In the prison guard scene, for instance, the guy is spanked, maked to strip and wear panties and fishnet stockings, and finally the female guard dons a strap-on to fuck him in the ass. In the doctor set, the hapless patient is stripped and his temperature taken rectally, then he gets spanked and buttfucked with a strap-on. The guys who get it up the butt typically don't cum at all or get any kind of stimulation from the dominating babe. The boss guy makes out a bit better...the 3 girls roughly strip him down, pinching his butt and nipples and playing with his cock. They lick and bite the head of the dude's dick, sit on his face, and finish up with a nice slippery handjob. Of course, the chicks really torture the soon as he starts to cum, the babe jerking him stops leaving him to ooze cum out of his dick while they all laugh. The hairdresser dude gets pretty much the same treatment.

The navigation here is pretty simple. Logging in, you'll find all of the CFNM Plus scenes listed over several pages, each with a preview pic, a rather lengthy description of the action, and links to that scene's photos and videos. Currently, they've got 45 episodes to check out and it looks like they add a new one weekly. Each scene comes with both photo and video content. The photos are a bit on the small side, weighing in at just 500 x 700 in size but the quality is very good throughout the archive. The videos don't offer a lot in the way of options. You get a Flash version for streaming (in-browser) or a WMV version for streaming in an external player or downloading to your hard drive.

The vids weigh in at 640 x 480 at 1000-2000K and look nice. They're probably a notch or two short of DVD quality but no big can definitely full-screen them and enjoy them with only a minimal loss of quality. Probably the biggest problem with the vids is that they make use of DRM technology. This means that even if you download the video, there are limits on you viewing it. In the case of the vids here, it looks like they're only viewable for 24 hours after you download them and you can't burn them or back up the media usage rights for the file. In essence, you'll have to remain a member of the site in order to continue to have access to the videos here. DRM sucks the big one as far as I'm concerned and I don't run into many sites nowadays using it. Bummer.

Unlike most reality sites, there isn't a lot of bonus access here at CFNM Plus. Normally, these sites are part of a larger network which you also receive access to when you join. These guys actually do have several other sites but you'll have to join them separately to get access to them. They do gives you some sample vids from these'll find them scattered throughout the archive of CFNM PLus scenes. I'm going to be doing reviews of some of these for QRP in the coming weeks so stayed tuned for those.

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