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Housewife Bangers Review by Quality Reality Paysites
Price: $29.95/month (recurring), $69.95/90 days (non-recurring)
Housewife Bangers Updates: Twice a month
Network Updates: Daily
Review Updated On: March 20, 2009 by Locke

Content Quality: 14/15
Content Quantity: 13/15
Gimmick: 10/10
Updates: 6/10
Surfability: 9/10

Value: 8/10
Members Area Ads: 4/5
Exclusivity: 4/5
Bonus Content: 5/5
Overall Impression: 13/15

Score: 86, SILVER

Housewife Bangers Quick Facts
- Very unique and varied episode themes
- Episodes are very well-done
- High quality pics and vids
- Access to the rest of the Pink Visual Pass network

- Older videos are not downloadable
- Unclear update schedule

Members Area Content as of March 20, 2009:
Housewife Bangers Episodes: 96 episodes
Other Content: Bonus access to the other 30+ sites in the Pink Visual Pass network, various video feeds and pic galleries in a wide variety of niches

Housewife Bangers Review

Housewife Bangers gives you a ringside seat as husbands watch their sexy wives get fucked and facialed by other guys. The episodes here are very well-done. They set up each scene with lots of dialogue and, although the hardcore action stays pretty much the same, they really vary the scenarios quite a bit from episode to episode. In many cases, the wife ends up having to fuck in order to pay off some sort of debt or save her husband's ass in some way. In one, the hubby owes his buddy money; in another, the guy has fucked up a construction job and needs to come up with 5 grand; and in still another, the husband's a pro athlete who's been caught buying steroids and the Housewife Banger guys blackmail him so they can screw his woman. In a couple other scenes, the fucking's consensual: a husband wants to watch his wife with another man so he calls the HB guys to help him out or, in one particularly funny clip, a couple visits a sex therapist who's therapy is to call in a stunt cock to fuck the dude's wife and show him how it's done.

Anyhow, after about 10 minutes of setup, there's some great hardcore action. The wife sucks dick, sometimes gets her pussy eaten, and then has the hell fucked out of her in every position imaginable. The episode wraps up with the chick getting a big load of jizz shot on her face or tummy, leaving us with one pissed off hubby and one cum plastered wife. It's great too, because they keep the dialogue between husband and wife going throughout the scene so there are lots of: "You look like you're enjoying this a little bit too much, sweetie." "Shut up asshole, I'm doing this for you!" exchanges. Great stuff for roleplay fans.

As far as navigation, I had no problems at all. All 96 episodes are listed over a series of pages, each one with a preview pic and links to check out the scene's pics and vids. Although the site has been updated recently, I'm not sure what the exact schedule is (or if there is one). Sometimes updates seem to come monthly...sometimes even less frequently. Anyhow, each episode here comes with both photo and video content. The pics are good quality 600 x 800 shots and come in nice big galleries of 150 or more. You can also download the entire set as a zip file if you so choose. Video options vary a bit depending on the age of the scene. Older vids come in WMV and MOV format in 56K, DSL, and Broadband quality. They split the full scene into multiple smaller clips but there's no full-length option available. The biggest problem with the older vids though is that they are stream only so unfortunately you can't save them to your hard drive. The more recent scenes change things up a bit and make some nice improvements. They switch formats from WMV and MOV to WMV and Flash and full-length versions are now offered along with the multiple smaller clips. Providing even more reason to celebrate, the newer videos are now downloadable. They offer separate sections for streaming (Flash and WMV files) and downloading (WMV's). Last but not least, the new vids have two additional quality options: T1 and HD. The HD vids come in at 1068 x 600 and look awesome. DVD quality vids that look crisp and clear even at full-screen. Some awesome changes have been made here since my last visit. Woot!

For bonus content, you get access to the other 34 sites in the Pink Visual Pass network as well as a whole slew of pic galleries and video feed sites. Most of the bonus members areas have been reviewed here at QRP and are definitely worth a look if you're a reality fan. Check out those reviews for more details (you can find a full listing of the Pink Visual Pass sites in my Pink Visual Pass network review.

Overall, probably one of my favorite sites in this network and I think the scenes are really well-done from a reality, "storyline" perspective. Now that they've made the videos downloadable, added two new quality options, and even reduced their monthly fee from $39.95/month to a much more reasonable $29.95/month, there's really not much to complain about here. If you've ever fantasized about fucking another dude's wife/girlfriend or about watching while some other guy fucks yours, this site will turn you on big-time.

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