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Vengified Review by Quality Reality Paysites
Price: $24.88/month (recurring)
Vengified Updates: Unknown
Reviewed On: April 4, 2006 by Locke

Content Quality: 12/15
Content Quantity: 6/15
Gimmick: 10/10
Updates: 6/10
Surfability: 8/10

Value: 5/10
Members Area Ads: 2/5
Exclusivity: 5/5
Bonus Content: 5/5
Overall Impression: 11/15

Score: 70, BRONZE

Important Note: Join the All Access Reality network in order to receive bonus access to 18 members areas, including Vengified.

Vengified Quick Facts
- Episodes are well-done
- Really unique "revenge" gimmick
- Lots of bonus features

- Small amount of episodes
- Unclear update schedule

Members Area Content as of April 4, 2006:
Vengified Episodes: 14 episodes
Other Content: Bonus access to 4 other members areas, access to 10 video feed reality sites, various streamable hardcore vids, large archive of pics in a wide variety of categories, XXX games, adult stories

Vengified Review

Revenge is a dish best eaten cold. Or, at least along with the prom queen's step-mom's pussy. Huh? Let me explain. Today's site, Vengified, chronicles the exploits of a man on a mission: to get revenge on all of the people that have wronged him in the past. Instead of egging their houses or maybe running them over with his car, this dude concocts elaborate sex schemes, humiliates them on camera, slaps a "Vengified" sticker on their foreheads, and then posts the pics and vids on his site for all to enjoy. The "how" and "why" of each scene varies. In one, the guy was rejected by the prom queen in high school so he tricks her into a blindfolded threesome with her step-mom (now my intro line makes more sense lol). In another, one of the guy's buddies has a pregnant girlfriend who cheats on him, but the buddy doesn't believe it. To prove it to him, the Vengified guys set things up so she gets gangbanged while the dude's hiding in the closet. And, in still another, our Vengified hero gets back at a stepbrother and sister who used to torment him in high school. Basically, he tricks the sister into sucking off the stepbrother at a gloryhole. Man, is the guy surprised when he finds out who's on the other side of the hole! And the list goes on. Each episode has a different scenario and they do a great job of going the extra mile to setup the storyline and "reality" part of the site. It's hilarious and very creative.

The members area here is loaded with links: some connect you with the site's bonus content (primarily the ones at the top and bottom of the page) while others are ads to other sites. The specific Vengified episodes are linked up in the middle of the page (the most recent one at the top) and currently, there are only 14 of them. None of the episodes are dated, so it's anybody's guess how often they add something new. Anyhow, for each scene, you get a preview pic and a short description of what the episode is about. The descriptions basically explain why the person in the scene is being "Vengified", so check them out if you're looking for a particular revenge-based theme. They split the full vids here into 3 separate sections, each one containing 5 individual video clips as well as a larger clip that encompasses the various smaller vids in that particular section. Everything's in WMV format and the individual clips are available for stream or download in low and high quality (the larger vid comes in high quality only). The high quality vids look good. The older stuff is 320 x 240 at around 400K, then in the newer clips they bump the bit rate up to 1000K. Obviously then, the more recent clips are going to look better than the earlier stuff, but you can pretty much full-screen all of them and enjoy without much trouble. The vids are really the main attraction here but they also offer a gallery of pics along with each scene. These are average to good quality 720 x 480 vidcaps drawn from the accompanying videos. I found these useful as a way to preview the scene more than anything else.

With a site so small, you'll definitely want to check out the bonus content available to you. First up, you get access to 4 other sites in the network: Black Ass Busters, Got Fooled, Creampie Surprise, and TGirl Island. Most of these have already been reviewed here at QRP, so take a look at those reviews for more details on a specific site. Next, they give you access to 10 other reality video feed sites in a variety of niches including lesbian, anal, sex with strangers, and teen. Rounding out the bonus material, there's a decent-sized archive of streamable vids and lots of pic galleries in a wide variety of different categories, various XXX games, erotic stories, and a selection of live chat sites.

Vengified has some really well-done episodes and the whole revenge gimmick is a welcome change from the typical "we're a couple of dudes with a video camera running around picking up girls" reality site gimmick. The main problem here is simply the small amount of episodes, and without dates, I'm not sure when (or if) they add new scenes. There is quite a bit of bonus material to be had though, which helps out, and the episodes certainly are entertaining. Give 'em a try and see what you think.

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